do i have my own bathroom?
  • of course!...a modern bathroom with separate shower from toilet is all yours and yours alone
what’s included in the monthly rental?
  • all furniture
  • single or double bed and linens
  • tv
  • pantry with stove or electric hot plate, fridge, microwave, and kettle
what services are included?
  • weekly linen change
  • unlimited internet broadband
optional add-on’s
 what’s not included?
  • towels
  • personal amenities and toiletries (shampoo, lotions, creams, tissue papers, toothpaste, etc)
what is the monthly rent?
  • hkd8k – 20k/month
does my monthly rental have to start on the 1st of each month?
  • of course not! it starts on the day of your check-in.
how can i guarantee my reservation?
  • give us your exact check-in date and the hkd5k deposit (studio lease)
  • for a flat lease, a 1-month deposit (flat lease)
 how much is the deposit?
  • studio lease: hkd5k by refundable within 3-4 weeks after check-out
  • flat lease: 1-month by, also refundable within 3-4 weeks after check-out
can i see the unit before i check-in?
  • viewing of a unit is subject to availability of a vacant unit at the time of appointment
when can i come to see the unit?
  • our viewing hours are:
  • monday – friday 11h00 to 17h00
what is the difference between a studio lease and a flat lease?
  • studios are for those who wish to commit for a shorter term; studios require only a minimum 1-month
  • flats are available for a minimum of 3-months renewable at a minimum of 2-months
  • essentially, flats are for those who prefer a longer term commitment
  • …and of course, flats have higher end finishing, larger bathrooms, better storage